Daily Post: Vanished

I have a gremlin in my home. There must be. I had a full plate of cookies. I didn’t eat all of them. Not my myself. Grrrrr . . . When I find… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: Remembering Loved One

On Dragonfly Wings hosts Sunday Trees. It’s a day to show the beauty of trees.  While walking through a park, I saw a tree holding up a cross. As I drew closer, I… Continue reading

Daily Post: Relax

This Week Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge is Relax. I’m to share a photo that relaxes you. Taking a walk in a park relaxes me.  

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Hot and Cold

This week Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge topic is Hot and Cold.  I want to see things that are either hot or cold. Below are not pictures of clouds, but fog. When the Pacific Ocean… Continue reading

The Daily Post: One, Two, Three!

This week The Daily Post‘s prompt is One, Two, Three! The prompt asks: Taking inspiration from an obsession with lists, we challenge you to create in sets of threes. I broke my novel… Continue reading

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Dancing Light

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge is all about those great photos that you take which really don’t seem to fit into a common category. 

Sunday Trees: Carmel Beach Tree

Sunday Trees is hosted by On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea. This picture was taken on the beach of Carmel, California, USA.

Daily Post: It’s Not This Time of Year Without…

Today’s WordPress Daily Post is: It’s Not This Time of Year Without… Show us the one thing without which your holiday season could never be complete. Family Christmas traditions change. There are the usual,… Continue reading

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Any Geometric Shape

Cee hosts a B&W Photo Challenge. This week it’s Any Geometric Shape. Here is a pudding apple pie. The design is made up of slices of pie. No, I didn’t bake it. It… Continue reading

Daily Post: Mind the Gap

Today’s WordPress Daily Post is Mind the Gap: The distance between idea and execution can be a source of frustration — or of inspiration. My Goal for this year was to have a… Continue reading