Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Glass

This week Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge topic is Glass: Anything from a light bulb to a glass building. For some reason the architects of this building chose yellow glass to view the city.… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: 535

Becca hosts Sunday Trees, which is a blog dedicated to trees. Here is my tree for the week:

Pegasus Colony: the Beginning

CAPTAIN’S LOG   WSC EAGLE Captain Richard Fontner Year 2144, November 1 Folded space is a success. We have traveled faster than light. It only took twelve years to travel twenty-seven light-years to… Continue reading

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Reflections

This week Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge topic is Mirror images or reflections. Here is my entry:

Too Many Phyllis Moores

There are 500 Phyllis Moores on Facebook. We come in all kinds of sizes, creeds and colors. Sometimes I think it would be fun to invite all of them to a party and… Continue reading

Still Writing

I have a girl friend who buys these booklets for me. I don’t know where she gets them, but they come in all kinds of colors. They’re not thick, maybe a hundred pages… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: 352

Becca hosts Sunday Trees, a blog dedicated to trees. Here is my entry: This week is about roots.

Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: The Owl

Cee’s Odd Balls are those photos that really don’t fit into any category, or when photos are grouped together they appear to be odd. Here is my entry: I gave a panting to… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: 351

The blog Sunday Trees is hosted by Becca and is dedicated entirely to trees. Here is a tree that is a home for owls. The park placed the box in the tree for… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneer: Please?

“What happened here?” Mom asked. “I was repotting plants,” little Tina said. “Why?” “I’m starting a fairy garden,” Tina said proudly. “Why?” “So I have a place for my fairies to live.” “Your… Continue reading