Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Leah’s first year birthday part. Advertisements

My Photo Challenge: Moon Light

As of Saturday morning, American time, there is no Weekly Photo Challenge, so I decided to post my challenge. ;0) Last night as the full moon past behind the fur tree outside my… Continue reading

Tracy Chevalier

My friend Kathy and I were talking about the library and books. She asked me for a new book to read. If you’d been following this blog, you may already know my favorite… Continue reading

First Chapter

O.K. here is the first chapter of the novel I am presently finishing up, Akiane’s Children. It is 7 pages long. In this day and age, 7 pages is probably not too long… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Some times it feels like you are the only one left in the world. It’s not true. Wait long enough and the others will show up.

Constructive Criticism

I went to college for Fine Arts, graduated in Graphics. I did a lot of drawing, painting and photography. Every week, along with the rest of the class, I had to hang a… Continue reading

Reading Blogs

One of my favorite things about blogs is not just expressing myself and having people interested in what I have to say. It’s reading what other people are saying and doing. I’ve seen… Continue reading

3,000 HIts

I almost missed it, but I’m up to 3,186 hits. Thank you for all of you who regularly read my ramblings. I appreciate your coming, your likes and comments. This blog would be… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Every Day Life

For my Every Day Life, I chose breakfast with my cousin John. When I went to visit him in Lafayette, Louisiana, he took me to  Saturday breakfast in Breaux Bridge. About a half… Continue reading

Update: Finishing My Novel

I’m dangerously close to being finished with my novel. My inclination is to hurry up and be done with it, so I can move on to other projects. I’ve been working on this… Continue reading