Do you like poetry? Justin P Lambert has several published books of his poems. Here’s one about his daughter sleeping. Advertisements


I think trees are magnificent. I love the way their branches spread out. Here are a few of my favorite trees.

Snow White A Strong Woman Fictional Character

Snow White is no longer a sweet, innocent maiden; she’s a warrior. As a strong woman fictional character, Snow White has come along way.

Why I Won’t Self-Publish

I won’t self-publish out of self preservation, but I admire those who are successful at it. No matter how may times I reread something, I always manage to find something I’ve missed. Even… Continue reading

Story Time

Originally posted on Goran Zidar:
For those of you who don’t know. Story Time was an idea I came up with that attempts to bring the author and the audience closer together before…


While browsing, I came across Jennifer M Eaton in “It’s that time of the month to set up your writing goals.” I have goals, but I realize I’ve never shared them with this blog.… Continue reading

Blogs & Novels

I’ve been away from reading blogs and not just because I’ve been on vacation. After I wrote “I Like Blogging” I realized I was spending more time with my blog and not enough… Continue reading

Fog & the Light Station

I had an terrible time with this blog. I’m having trouble getting the words to match with the photos. Before I could get it straight, I hit Publish instead of Preview Changes. I… Continue reading

I’m Back From Vaca

I’m back from my vacation. Had a great time with my brother and sis-in-law. Mike is a surfer, photographer and guitarist.   DeeAnn is Mike’s most favorite surfer groupie. She knits and is… Continue reading

Vacation Time

I’m going to visit my brother, and his wife, in Carmel, California. I won’t be posting while I’m gone. I am bringing my new camera with me. Hopefully, I’ll have some amazing photos… Continue reading

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