Character Motivation

I just rented the fourth of Jack Sparrow’s adventures from the library for $.50. I wanted to see it in three D at the theaters, but didn’t make it. I’m glad I was… Continue reading

Troublemaker Characters

It the USA Network TV drama, Suits is about New York lawyers. One of the lawyers, Louis Litt, is a troublesome little man. He is loud, overbearing, and a bully, but mostly he… Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Surprise

I had a nice New Year’s Eve surprise. Adrienne and I used to be close, but time changes and we drifted. This year, I neglected to send her a Christmas card. No reason.… Continue reading


I think I’ll take a break for Christmas and New Years and come back on Jan 3, 12. Have Blessed Holidays. Phyllis

Still Writing

I haven’t been on my blog lately. I’ve been working on my sf novel. I’ve been working on the outline, getting my thoughts together and reorganizing the book. I’ve already eliminated unnecessary chapters… Continue reading

Whose the Hero Here?

While filming Firefly, Adam Baldwin asked Josh Weldon how he was to act as Jayne Cobb. Josh said to play him as if he were the hero. Malcolm Reynolds was the hero, which… Continue reading

Untrust Worthy Characters

It’s good to be honest and trust worthy. Lies and secrets causes unnecessary problems. But it also makes for boring plots. In the second book of Jim Butcher‘s Dresden Files, Full Moon, Kim… Continue reading

Two Dimensional Characters

We are repeatedly told our characters must have depth. No one is just good. They must have faults to be human. By the end of the novel, our hero must transform into a… Continue reading

Developing Relationships

Just saw the movie Hugo. It’s not for little children. It’s too slow to keep their attention, but it’s a nice adult movie. I liked the way the move took the time to… Continue reading

My New Favorite Author

Jim Butcher is my new favorite author. He almost wasn’t. Jim Butcher writes the Dresden files. Main character is Harry Dresden, a Chicago wizard detective who fights evil while protecting the innocent. I’m… Continue reading