4 Hours at the Movies

I have and elderly male friend, who lives 25 miles south of me. I don’t get down there as often as I’d like. He likes to see science fiction or spy movies. Not… Continue reading

Character Development & Backstory

This is the third post on backstory. The first is Backstory. The second is What is Backstory. *** A character’s past, DNA, or backstory, will have an affect on who a character is.… Continue reading

The Thought He’d Think

He thought the thought he never thought he’d think. I love that line. I wish I’d written it. As writer’s we’re not supposed to repeat the same word in the same sentence, same… Continue reading

A Little About Me

I was just reminded about my college years. And I do mean years. I switched states one semester from graduating in Fine Arts. I moved from Lafayette, LA to Houston TX. After one… Continue reading


Ken Follett writes WW II thrillers. He doesn’t spend pages explaining  what WW II was, or who participated in it or who Hitler was. He assumes the reader knows their world history enough… Continue reading

River’s Feet

I’ve written on how an inanimate object can be a character that changes the course of a plot, but such objects can be considerably less intrusive. It might be missed as a character,… Continue reading

Exciting Beginnings

I really liked the TV series Flashforward and was disappointed when it was canceled.  I wanted to know how it ended so I thought I’d read the book the series was based on.… Continue reading

Inanimate Characters

Not all characters are living breathing beings. When the writers Jeffrey Lieber and Damon Lindelof first approached J. J. Abrams about a new Television series, Lost,  J. J. Abrams was not interested. A… Continue reading

Character Motivation

I just rented the fourth of Jack Sparrow’s adventures from the library for $.50. I wanted to see it in three D at the theaters, but didn’t make it. I’m glad I was… Continue reading

Troublemaker Characters

It the USA Network TV drama, Suits is about New York lawyers. One of the lawyers, Louis Litt, is a troublesome little man. He is loud, overbearing, and a bully, but mostly he… Continue reading