Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

I live where the color of leaves, or the lack of, mark the Changing of Seasons. Advertisements

Justin P Lambert

There are bloggers who post just to express themselves. There are also bloggers who not only wish to express their thoughts, but who also post to develop a fan base for their creative… Continue reading

Update: Coming Alone

This is a follow up on the last Update. To my surprise, I have a lot already done on my new novel. Several times, I’ve come back to the story and have written… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Here are some photos I took at a small pond. Can you tell up from down?

Update: Starting Over

I thought when I finished my novel I’d have more time. My goal was to get ahead of my blog writing, paint and read more of your blogs. Not so. I feel like… Continue reading

Weekly Photo chanllenge: Thankful

I am thankful for my cousin Bonnie, though she would prefer I not post her picture. I have four first cousins, in order of birth, Bonnie, Bob, me then Penny and John. We… Continue reading

Mystery of a Novel

There will be spoilers about the TV series Revolution in this blog posting. J.J. Abrams is devious and not to be trusted. He leads you to believe something is true when in fact… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Here is A Green Fence Surrounded by Fall. Below is A Reflection of Green.

Australian Total Ellipse

Did you get to watch the Australian total Ellipse? I watched it live on line. Not like actually being there, but you do the get you can. It was better than hearing about… Continue reading

The Psychology of Characters

Fiction writers: storytellers, screenplay writers and novelists are the world’s greatest psychologists. They know how to break a character, destroy their self-confidence, and/or turn them evil. They also know how to undo that… Continue reading