Words Are Fun

By now you may have guessed I’m a fan of NPR. It’s not just politically left as some claim. There are many interesting programs such as Grammar Girl. Grammar girl hosts a blog… Continue reading

Craft of Writing

Yes, I took grammar in middle and high school, but like math, it was something I never thought I’d need. Now I write and I wish grammar and punctuation had made a better… Continue reading

Losing your Manuscript! Urggg

This post written by: Arkat Tahir I remember the first time I lost all my stories. I was devastated. I had lost everything that I’d held dear for the last 6 months. You… Continue reading

From failure to success: JK Rowling

JK Rowling is the world’s only billionaire author. But she did not walk from childhood to the creator of Harry Potter. For her it was a long road of poverty and failure. Instead… Continue reading

Rules of the Writing Habit

There are so many rules in writing. Such as you can’t have a complete sentence without a subject. You must know the difference between whose and who’s, its and it’s. It’s a good… Continue reading

Demanding Characters

When an author starts a novel he/she has a general idea of who the characters are. But sometimes a character pops up out of nowhere and demands a part in the plot. No… Continue reading

Really Scary Scenes

Readers see the character (s) fears and courage, and how they cope with each situation the author puts them in. But there a different levels of danger and fears. The author can show… Continue reading

Writer’s Block

Some authors get all bent out of shape when their brain seems to stop brainstorming ideas. Not me. I never worry about writer’s block. I think on a part of the story and… Continue reading

Chris Rock

I usually put quotes from authors on this blog. Chris Rock does not write books, but I liked two of his quotes from an interview I saw on CBS Sunday Morning show. “Got… Continue reading

Twitter and Jack Dorsey

Ever wonder how twitter got started? Here is an interview on Minnesota Public Radio with Jack Dorsey. Moral of the story, your childhood obsessions or your child’s obsessions could lead to multimillion dollar… Continue reading