Two Dimensional Characters

We are repeatedly told our characters must have depth. No one is just good. They must have faults to be human. By the end of the novel, our hero must transform into a… Continue reading

Developing Relationships

Just saw the movie Hugo. It’s not for little children. It’s too slow to keep their attention, but it’s a nice adult movie. I liked the way the move took the time to… Continue reading

My New Favorite Author

Jim Butcher is my new favorite author. He almost wasn’t. Jim Butcher writes the Dresden files. Main character is Harry Dresden, a Chicago wizard detective who fights evil while protecting the innocent. I’m… Continue reading

Might be Time to Re-Evaluate

I’ve said once before, I start a novel with a simple idea and then the idea grows into a trilogy or a series. Consequently, I never finish a book. It becomes so large… Continue reading

Cause & Affect

The actions of one character can change the course of the plot and set in motion a domino tumble. In the TV show Revenge, Amanda Clark is out to destroy the family who… Continue reading

What Could Go Wrong?

I watch the TV show Revenge. It starts with a simple idea. When Amanda was eight years old, her father is framed for terrorism, convicted and sent to jail. Amanda never sees him… Continue reading

I’m Back

I’d stopped blogging because I was discouraged that few to no one was reading. I used to have descent numbers, but no one subscribed. I’m told I should give something away to encourage… Continue reading

Kerri Miller Reads Fantasy

Who is Kerri Miller? You may ask. She is the host of MPR MidMoring show and is an avid reader. I have few complains about her show. One is she does few shows… Continue reading

Words Are Fun

By now you may have guessed I’m a fan of NPR. It’s not just politically left as some claim. There are many interesting programs such as Grammar Girl. Grammar girl hosts a blog… Continue reading

Craft of Writing

Yes, I took grammar in middle and high school, but like math, it was something I never thought I’d need. Now I write and I wish grammar and punctuation had made a better… Continue reading