Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Water is a Free Spirit; rivers, lakes, ocean, rain storms (big and small). You can try to hold it in, but when it wants, it runs free.   I have officially joined Photo … Continue reading

Interesting Awards

Of the three awards I’ve received so far, the Liebster Award was been the most interesting. I looked Liebster up to see what it means. According to A Word or More, it means… Continue reading

Liebster Award

Rhys C. Ethan of Fay + Rayon the Left  has nominated me for the Liebster Award. Rhys is from Greece now going to University of East London to study Theater and English Literature.… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

According to Wikipedia an urban area is characterized by higher population density. Here’s my Urban Photo Challenge. ;0)

Friends and Writing Groups

It is said, writing a novel is a lonely job. Maybe so, but we would not succeed without family, friends, writing groups: those who read our drafts and give honest opinions. They save… Continue reading

Pacing a Chapter

Recently, I posted Pacing of a Novel. I wrote about how pacing set the tone of a novel. In this post, I write about how the pacing of a scene can bring a… Continue reading

Ray Bradbury’s Birthday

August 22, 2012 would have been Ray Bradbury’s 92 birthday. In 2000, he spoke at the down town Minneapolis Library. In honor of his birthday, Minnesota Public Radio rebroadcast his talk, which you… Continue reading


For I time I had a fascination with trees and I wanted to take a picture of every interesting tree there was. I posted a few of those photos. Now I’m fascinated with… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Merge)

Here is the merging of the past and the present. This is Stone Bridge. It marks the place where Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA first started. In the back ground is Minneapolis in 2012. All… Continue reading

Pacing of a Novel

I read Gideon’s Corpse, by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child and Impact by Douglas Preston, one after the other. The first is on the New York Best Seller’s list, not sure if the… Continue reading