Fog & the Light Station

I had an terrible time with this blog. I’m having trouble getting the words to match with the photos. Before I could get it straight, I hit Publish instead of Preview Changes. I… Continue reading

I’m Back From Vaca

I’m back from my vacation. Had a great time with my brother and sis-in-law. Mike is a surfer, photographer and guitarist.   DeeAnn is Mike’s most favorite surfer groupie. She knits and is… Continue reading

Vacation Time

I’m going to visit my brother, and his wife, in Carmel, California. I won’t be posting while I’m gone. I am bringing my new camera with me. Hopefully, I’ll have some amazing photos… Continue reading

Being Deceptive

Being deceptive is a game between authors & readers, and screenplay writers & viewers. Writers aim to stump, mislead and surprise. Readers and viewers try to figure out what’s happening before the ending.… Continue reading

Describing Characters

Sometimes when I read fiction, I’m surprised at how vague character description can sometimes be. Example: in one published book an author described a character as colorfully dressed. What does that mean? It… Continue reading

I Like Blogging

In my VBA Award post, I wrote how I like writing this blog. I’ve been thinking about it. I find I like writing this blog more than I like working on my novel.… Continue reading

E-Books Vs P-Books Continued

Just resonantly, as in two blogs ago, I wrote a post about how paper books are here to stay despite the advance of electronic books. I don’t believe e-books are going away, nor… Continue reading

VBA Award

Matthew Williams, of StoriesbyWilliams, has graciously nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank You Matt. Matt writes about all things science fiction & fantasy. He has an anthology coming out and is… Continue reading

Electronic vs Printed Novels

The camera obscura, has been documented as far back as Aristotle (384 to 322 BCE). If I remember my art history correctly, during the Italian Renaissance, of the 14th & 16th centuries, it… Continue reading


I’m dangerous in a bookstore. There are so many great books. So I have to discipline myself. A friend once wanted to take a shortcut out of the mall by cutting through Barns… Continue reading