One Lovely Blog Award

I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award, first by Rhys Ethan then by Dana Zalesky. Thank you. Advertisements

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Fog coming off the ocean is Foreign to me. The ocean current is warmer then the air above and a thick ground cloud of vapor is formed. Off the California coast, it can… Continue reading

Details of Character

There are no small details in writing fiction; they just have different purposes. Some details move the plot line in a novel, like having a gun in a desk drawer. You show the… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette


I’m Back

I’ve been away for the better part of October. Been busy. Not sure with what. But there were a couple of times I had to stop and take a 2 hour nap to… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

It takes a big Army truck to pull a big taxi boat out of big winter storage and pull it down to a big lake for it’s summer run. Can you tell that… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Leah’s first year birthday part.

My Photo Challenge: Moon Light

As of Saturday morning, American time, there is no Weekly Photo Challenge, so I decided to post my challenge. ;0) Last night as the full moon past behind the fur tree outside my… Continue reading

Tracy Chevalier

My friend Kathy and I were talking about the library and books. She asked me for a new book to read. If you’d been following this blog, you may already know my favorite… Continue reading

First Chapter

O.K. here is the first chapter of the novel I am presently finishing up, Akiane’s Children. It is 7 pages long. In this day and age, 7 pages is probably not too long… Continue reading