Browsers, Advertisement and Blogs

I helped a girlfriend start a new WordPress blog. It was fun. All told, we got together three times. Now she’s on her own and blogging away. But to my surprise, there was… Continue reading

Update 8-14

Sorry I haven’t been writing much on this blog. I’ve had a few extra hours of work, but mostly, my brain shut down. Nothing inspired me to write. I did finish the last… Continue reading

Weekly Phoyto Challenge (Wrong)

This Week ‘s Photo Challenge is things that are wrong. I’ll tell you what’s wrong; people who refuse to pick up after themselves. :0/  

Children as Strong Fictional Character

It would be nice if all children were compliant. You tell them what to do and they obey without asking why or arguing about it. But if all children were compliant, it would… Continue reading


I thought Changes, by Jim Butcher, of the Dresden Files, was the last of the series. I’ve read most of them twice and was settled that this was the last book I’d read… Continue reading

Weekly Photo challenge (Growth)

The only thing that can hold nature in check are people, but when we leave, nature easily returns and flourishes. This spot along the Mississippi River is where Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA first started.… Continue reading

Photo Pond Walk

  There are so many beautiful photographs on the internet. I’ve been bemoaning the fact that I don’t live some exotic place where I can take photos of historic buildings, or live downtown… Continue reading

Update (7-24-12)

I had my goals for my novel in my head, then I posted them in Goals in June. Sometime in July, I realized it was July and I was puttsing. If I was… Continue reading

Using Internet Photos

While reading reading Jennifer M. Eaton‘s blog I came across this blog by Roni Loren and her post Bloggers Beware: You CAN Get Sued For Using Pics on Your Blog – My Story. She… Continue reading

Matt vs JJ

Matt Williams has claimed that JJ Abrams is ripping him off. He plans to sue. (He writes in jest. I think…   Anyway.) I wanted to know if he had a case. I was… Continue reading