Strong Male Character

I’ve written several posts on strong female fictional characters. This post is on a strong male fictional character, Rumplestiltskin of the TV series Once Upon a Time. This will make more since, if… Continue reading

Keeping On

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve not been interested in writing, not on this blog or my novel. Actually, I’ve not been interested in much of anything, not painting or biking. My… Continue reading

More Story Twists

There’s a new Television show, Scandal. I’ve written about strong women characters and plot twits, Scandal falls neatly into what I’ve been writing about. I will warn you, this is a spoiler post.… Continue reading

Character and Plot Twists

Ever make plans for your life? Set the path in motion and then something or some one unexpected comes along and rearranges your life? I went to college for Fine Arts. In the… Continue reading

My Kitties

I thought when I started painting again, I’d do a painting a week, but no. I thought maybe a painting a month, that’s not working either. Of course, having a cold for the… Continue reading

How do you read novels?

I have a couple of friends who, when they start a novel or trilogy or series, MUST finish. One of them had to read all of Twilight. (Sorry for those who liked the… Continue reading

The Right Character Development

When an author decides on the next novel, he/she needs to decide what is the most important, the character or the world the story is set in. If the character is the most… Continue reading

My Fictional Female Characters

While writing about strong women, I thought about a few of my female characters in a fantasy novel I’ve started, called Jewel of Desire. Right now, it’s sitting on the shelf until I… Continue reading

Perfect Example

This post is a continuation of my last post, Strong Women Fictional Characters. This post is about a woman who is soft and strong, intelligent and a conundrum. Abby Sciuto is a Forensic Specialist… Continue reading

Strong Women Fictional Characters

While browsing blogs, JacInTheBox found an interesting article on Strong Women. I’ll let you read her post and find the original post that started this blog chain on Strong Women. Both are well… Continue reading