Phyllis Moore’s Novels


People of Akiane Trilogy 

After 300 years of separation, Earth’s first contact with Pegasus Colony is an invasion. At least, that’s how High Priest Adumie sees it.

Much to her dismay, Jessica is sent to reunite Earth with her rogue colony. Though she’s a strong female leader and survivor, she sees herself as a failure, incapable of uniting the planets.Also sent from Earth, genetic scientist Rona Montgomery came to study the genetics of humans isolated from the rest of humanity. Upon learning the colonists are suffering from a mass human extermination due to an alien disease, her mission changes to finding a cure and saving the colony.

The colonists want nothing to do with Earth, Jessica, or Rona. High Priest Adumie wants the invaders from Earth to leave, so his people can die in peace.

Can Jessica, Rona, and Adumie work out their differences in time to save the colony? Or, is the colony destined for extinction?

This Trilogy is your next great read. 

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Reviews from fans:

Pegasus Colony: “Couldn’t stop reading this book. I’ve always loved science fiction and this one holds its own with the greats. It kept me guessing and fully engaged all the way through. Can’t wait for the next one.”

A. Devin

Storm’s Coming: “What a fantastic follow-up to Pegasus Colony. I think the characters are fascinating and well-developed, the storyline is totally compelling and the drama unfolds in a way that makes it impossible to put the book down.”

 Lynn G.

“It’s been a long time since a fiction world made me imagine myself inside it. It probably goes back to when I went to sleep at night, sitting in the captain’s chair in the *original* Star Trek. Yup, that long ago. I liked Book #1, The Pegasus Colony and I like Storm’s Coming book #2 even better. I look forward to #3.”

 A. Greg Scott


My Haunted Bed & Breakfast

Desperate to forget the past but unwilling to move forward with her life, Eleanor buys a bed and breakfast, only to discover the previous residences have not moved out.

Three friendly, and bored ghosts, are excited at the prospect of rejuvenating Eleanor’s life while entertaining her guests. Eleanor is horrified.

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Reviews from fans:

“This book was very well written. The characters have individual personalities and quirks. You can “hear” them speaking as you read. The way Phyllis writes is so visual, you are right there with every happening. This was such a quick and easy read. There is more to the story than you think there will be. I can’t wait until the next one comes out!”

The Good Life (Name not given)

“This was a delightful, fun read for a summer afternoon. For my tastes, this was great. It was full of friendly ghosts, light-hearted shenanigans, magic spells, and even a comical dragon. My favorite scene was when a basket of laundry went dancing down the street.”

Nadia Giordana