People of Akiane Trilogy

My name is Lieutenant Jessica M. Hewett. I lived in an ideal world until my family was dramatically split apart. I became a difficult child, an angry teen, and an unhappy adult.

People of Akiane Trilogy is my story about how I found peace, happiness, and love.

This trilogy might just be your next read.

* * *

Book One
Pegasus Colony

Feeling disillusioned, Jessica Hewitt left everything in her shattered past behind. She moved to WSC Moon Base to join Space Force and explore the galaxy. She didn’t get farther than the frozen planet, Akiane, in the Pegasus Constellation.

Lieutenant Jessica M. Hewett has 72 hours to gain the trust of Pegasus Colony and remind the colonists they are still an Earth colony. But it’s going to take risking her life to gain the colony’s trust.

Jessica doesn’t realize it, but she’s on a mission from God.

Reviews from fans:

“I was very drawn into the story and wanted all the answers right now! Looking forward to 2 & 3.”

Kindle Reader (no name)

“Couldn’t stop reading this book. I’ve always loved science fiction and this one holds its own with the greats. It kept me guessing and fully engaged all the way through. Can’t wait for the next one.”

A. Devin

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Book Two
Storm’s Coming

Rona Montgomery achieved her life’s grand plan when she was assigned to lead the Pegasus Genome Project.

Her life falls apart after she’s rejected by the colonists and the project is put on hold … until she meets a colonist, Qorow Low, and her dying child. Rona once again finds her direction in life only have everything come crashing down around her again.

Rona doesn’t realize it, but she’s a part of a grander plan.

Reviews from fans:

“What a fantastic follow-up to Pegasus Colony. I think the characters are fascinating and well-developed, the storyline is totally compelling and the drama unfolds in a way that makes it impossible to put the book down.”

 Lynn G.

“It’s been a long time since a fiction world made me imagine myself inside it. It probably goes back to when I went to sleep at night, sitting in the captain’s chair in the *original* Star Trek. Yup, that long ago. I liked Book #1, “The Pegasus Colony” and I like “Storm’s Coming” book #2 even better. I look forward to #3.”

 A. Greg Scott

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Not yet published

Book Three
Jessica’s Mission

God did not answer his prayers. High Priest Adumie stopped praying. His people are dying of a painful and deadly disease with no cure. Those of Earth promised a cure; they lied.

Adumie has banished alien invaders from his planet. He and his people will die in peace.

But God has heard and has plans to answer Adumie’s prayers beyond anything that he can ask or imagine.

* * *

This novel will be available in 2020.