People of Akiane Trilogy

WSC Space Force has ordered Lt. Jessica M. Hewitt to negotiate with the rogue colony. There’s a lot riding on her; if she succeeds, her name will go into history as a hero.

If she fails to convince the people of Akiane that they are a colony, history will see her as responsible for WSC’s first military galactic takeover.

Jess is ill equipped for the task. She has no idea why she was chosen. She doesn’t realize that before she can reunite the two worlds, she’s going to have to settle with her own demons first.

So far, her demons are winning.

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Lt. Jessica Hewitt is furious. For the sake of public relations, she’d been ordered on an expedition across a frozen planet.

The planet is warming, whiteouts and blizzards are coming. A gravitational storm is coming that will shake the entire planet to its core.

Things are only going to get worse. Jessica must face down her old life.

Her chances of surviving are slim.

Available on Amazon and Amazon Prime.


Jessica’s life’s mission has changed. She is determined to save the people of Akiane from extinction.

But she’s lost on an alien ocean with no means to find her way back to the colony.

If she doesn’t make it back, everyone dies.

* * *

This novel is finished and is now in the story editing and proofing stages.