Phyllis Moore’s Bio

Art of Story Telling
The real trouble with the world? Too many people grow up. Walt Disney

My name is Phyllis Moore. I am a science fiction and fantasy author.

Mother read to me when I was little, but I didn’t really connect with books until a third-grade teacher took my class to the library where I fell in love. I’ve been going to the library and reading ever since.

The Dragonlance Series by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis inspired be to write my own novels.
Now I’m an historian of heroes from Magical Reams and far away planets.

I’m working on the third book of my science fiction trilogy, People of Akiane and I’m starting a new fantasy series, The Destiny Series.

You can start with Pegasus Colony or My Haunted Bed & Breakfast, both are available on Amazon.

Phyllis Moore’s novels will whisk you from this reality to explore unknown worlds with intriguing story lines. Pick up one of her novels or novellas, find a comfortable place to read and enter into a fantastic adventure.