Phyllis Moore’s Bio

Phyllis Moore travels by the power of her imagination.

I’m a Christian who likes science fiction and fantasy, but not the gore, sex, or horror.

I write family friendly clean reads for young adults and adults who are still young at heart.

I write for those who love to read, but who are too busy to read a 600-page novel. I write 300-page short novels and 125-page novellas that can be read in a few hours.

I travel by the power of my imagination to far away planets where people are still dealing with insecurity, rejection, and love. I travel to worlds where physics yield to magic and anything can happen.

Looking for your next adventure, ride along with Phyllis Moore MythRider.

Contact Information:

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I also like to hike, bike, do yoga, watch TV, watch superhero movies, read, and cook.

And blog. I could hang out here all day posting and checking out fellow bloggers’ posts.