Phyllis Moore’s Bio

Art of Story Telling
The real trouble with the world? Too many people grow up. Walt Disney

I live in a one bedroom apartment. This is the dinning area, but instead of a dinning table, this is my work area where I write novels and paint.

I’m an historian of heroes from Magical Reams and far away planets. These people only live in my head and in the pages of my books.

I’m working on the third book of my science fiction People of Akiane Trilogy and I’m starting a new fantasy series called The Destiny Series.

You can start with Pegasus Colony or My Haunted Bed & Breakfast, both are available on Amazon.

I don’t write the typical science fiction novels. There are no dangerous aliens and no galactic wars. People of Akiane Trilogy is about people dealing with the same problems the rest of us deal with, rejection, insecurity, and love. But my characters deal with these problems on an alien planet in a different galaxy.

There are two different timelines in my trilogy. One tells how the colony in the Pegasus Constellation started and the other is when the main character arrives 300 years later, when the colony is different from how it started.

My Haunted B&B is a humorous story about a woman who lost her way in life, but was saved by three hosts. This story will eventually lead to a magical world where the battles of gods affects the every day lives of the mortals they rule.

You can read more about my books by clicking People of Akiane Trilogy and The Destiny Series.