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Update on Jessica’s Mission

I have once again finished a rewrite of Jessica’s Mission, the third novel in People of Akiane Trilogy. Since this was supposed to be my final rewrite, I had planned to send it… Continue reading

Minnesota Weather Inspired My Novel

Where do authors get their ideas? Does a great master author hand them an idea on a silver platter? Is there a crystal ball they can consult? Do ideas come in a dream… Continue reading

Getting There

I have a friend who is now my administrator. She is a God sent. I hate all the eminence detail that I haven encountered with putting my book online. She came over today… Continue reading

My Novel is Almost Here

My goodness. I finally, finally, finally, have the proof of my book. It’s in pieces so I can check it out for anything that might be wrong, and of course there was. This… Continue reading

Blood & Roses

Persefonee, Episode 1.2 Book Series: Blood & Roses: A Sci-Fi Adventure Author: Rhys Christopher Ethan   Synopsis: Yv has escaped the deadly planet she was held at, but not without her scars. Zïn… Continue reading

Another Dystopian Science Fiction

My good friend Cassandra Amesley is writing her version of a dystopian science fiction novel. But her disaster influences three different planets where the natural order of things is on the verge of crumbling.… Continue reading

Novel Update

I promised to be back by now, but things have not worked out as planned. I’m not sure how I managed to do it, but I did finish all the rewrites and new… Continue reading

Clever Storytelling

In Airborn, Kenneth Oppel introduces the ship Aurora in one little surprise at a time. He begins the story with the hero, Matt Cruse, in the crow’s nest. I imagine Matt in a… Continue reading

Creating Plot Around a Good Fictional Lie

Lies are not good. The Bible says: Thou shalt not lie. Good advice. Yet every one tells them. “Your new hair cut is original.” “That new color in your living room … it’s… Continue reading

Mystery of a Novel

There will be spoilers about the TV series Revolution in this blog posting. J.J. Abrams is devious and not to be trusted. He leads you to believe something is true when in fact… Continue reading

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