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Crimson’s Creative Challenge: Old Fence, Fresh Memories

“What are you doing?” “Getting ready to pull down the fence.” “What? Why?” “Grandma, you said to clean the backyard.” “Grandson, I meant mow the lawn and pull the weeds.” “What about the… Continue reading

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #86

“Stand here.” “Why? All I see are trees.” “The sun has to be just in the exact place and at the exact time. This it only happens once a year.” “What are you… Continue reading

Crimson’s Creative Challenge: The Fence

This week Crimson Kemp photo prompt is a a fence. Usually when I participate, I write a short story. This week my creativity will be expressed by my photography. Here is my entry: … Continue reading

Crimson’s Creative Challenge: Under the Bridge

I built my solo canoe. First day out with my new canoe, was on January 1, on the Mississippi River. I forget the year. The river was frozen except for a mile and… Continue reading

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #73

Great-great-grandfather came from Ireland, moved to America, bought several acres of land, and farmed it, all except for a clump of trees. His most treasured possession was a large box, which he placed… Continue reading

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #69

  When little Alice thought she was safe; she stopped running and turned around. Her mother was tying to keep up, but she was eight months pregnant. “Mama, hurry,” Alice yelled. “I’m trying,… Continue reading

Crimson’s Creative Challenge: Llama

Carol planned a week’s vacation in the Rocky Mountains. She bought a llama to help carry gear. Every day she and the llama went for a walk. Everyday Carol added a little more… Continue reading

Crimson’s Creative Challenge: Bronzed

“Mommy, what is that?” “It’s a bird.” “Is it hovering?” “No, it’s bronzed.” “Why?” “So it doesn’t have to hover.” “Why doesn’t it fly?” “Because it’s attached to the pole.” “Doesn’t that hurt?”… Continue reading

Crimson’s Creative Challenge: The Web

Crimson’s Creative Challenge posts a photo prompt each week to inspire our creativity. Here is my short story: “She did this? But why?” “A butterfly got caught in the web and the spider… Continue reading

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #50

I couldn’t believe it. I’d married royalty. A fine carriage, inlaid with gold and precious jewels, carried me through the gates into his estate. I was completely unaware when those gates closed I’d… Continue reading

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