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No Right Way to Write a Novel

There’s no right way to write a novel. Each person’s working style and imagination is different. Nora Roberts works the same as any other job, eight hours a day. Steven King works on… Continue reading

Minnesota Weather Inspired My Novel

Where do authors get their ideas? Does a great master author hand them an idea on a silver platter? Is there a crystal ball they can consult? Do ideas come in a dream… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneer: Butterflies

“It’s a flower,” Lydia insisted. “Butterflies,” Lisa contradicted. They’d had this endless conversation more times than Lydia wanted to remember. “Why butterflies?” Lydia asked. “Magic. They’re here to guide us to a magical… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneer: True Love

This Friday Fictioneer was inspired by a comment draliman make on my last post, Friday Fictioneer: Secrets Untold  *** Sam was in high power upper management. Lori was a curator at the Louvre.… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneer: Sectets Untold

Secrets devour the soul; raise walls between the bearer and the one who must not know. It is better to clear one’s conscience. True heals. Ah, but some secrets should never be told… Continue reading

Storybook Corner: Pet Frog

Sam’s dad died when he was little. He spent most of his life growing up on an army base with his mom. When he was five years old, Mom was deployed overseas. He… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneer: Twenty Years

I spent twenty years running from this place; running from me. Running, running, running. I worked hard to make my mark in the world, to be successful. I traveled to many lands and… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: Stuffed Animal

Lydia’s visiting neighbor was standing by the sliding door looking outside. “What’s Mattie doing?” “She’s pretending to be Daddy,” Lydia said. “And why does her father do?” “In layman’s’ terms, he splices genes… Continue reading

Friday Fiction: The Dress

“You ready?” “Almost.” “You excited?” “Like a 16 year old girl on the night of her social debut.” She giggled. He smiled proudly. “You certainly deserve the award.” “I certainly do. All that… Continue reading

Zero Hour

I’m a big fan of Hulu.com. I don’t have to pay for cable because the shows I want to watch are on Hulu.com. If I’m out and about and miss something I wanted… Continue reading

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