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Friday Fictioneer: Curses

The house was over 200 years old. Father built it when I was five. I have lived in it ever since. Not by my choice. At 21, I fell in love with an… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneer: True Love

This Friday Fictioneer was inspired by a comment draliman make on my last post, Friday Fictioneer: Secrets Untold  *** Sam was in high power upper management. Lori was a curator at the Louvre.… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneer: Sectets Untold

Secrets devour the soul; raise walls between the bearer and the one who must not know. It is better to clear one’s conscience. True heals. Ah, but some secrets should never be told… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneer: Otherworldly

“Got it. The last thing on the scavenger list; an otherworldly item.” “We’re finished.” “Yeah.” “Let’s see. Yuck! What’s that?” “Human heart.” “Where did you get it?” “Anatomy class.” “Anatomy class? What’s that?”… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneer: Twenty Years

I spent twenty years running from this place; running from me. Running, running, running. I worked hard to make my mark in the world, to be successful. I traveled to many lands and… Continue reading

Friday Fictionrees: Fairies

“Fairies like the pretty flowers,” Gramps said. I was five, I believed. Gramps left me his house with explicit directions to “take good care of the fairies. “ I was twenty-five, lived in… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: Love

Her mother told her to stay away from the water. She was not to go near it, not even get in a bathtub. As an adult, she heard the Calling. Just her toes,… Continue reading

Fiction Friday: The Journey

“Why do we have to do this?” “It’s a historical path.” “Couldn’t we go to a historical beach?” “We have beaches at home. Here we walk roads that were built hundreds of years… Continue reading

Another Dystopian Science Fiction

My good friend Cassandra Amesley is writing her version of a dystopian science fiction novel. But her disaster influences three different planets where the natural order of things is on the verge of crumbling.… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneer: Twins

“What did you do?” “I wanted to see where the music comes from.” “It comes from your fingertips.” They were twins, fifteen years old, one girl, one boy. One left brained, one right… Continue reading

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