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Storybook Corner: Pet Frog

Sam’s dad died when he was little. He spent most of his life growing up on an army base with his mom. When he was five years old, Mom was deployed overseas. He… Continue reading

Children as Strong Fictional Character

It would be nice if all children were compliant. You tell them what to do and they obey without asking why or arguing about it. But if all children were compliant, it would… Continue reading

Perfect Example

This post is a continuation of my last post, Strong Women Fictional Characters. This post is about a woman who is soft and strong, intelligent and a conundrum. Abby Sciuto is a Forensic Specialist… Continue reading

Untrust Worthy Characters

It’s good to be honest and trust worthy. Lies and secrets causes unnecessary problems. But it also makes for boring plots. In the second book of Jim Butcher‘s Dresden Files, Full Moon, Kim… Continue reading

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