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Friday Fictioneer: Past & Present

“When were you here last?” “I came every summer when I was young. Not at all after I was twelve.” “That was when your grandparents died.” “Yes. But what happened to the place?”… Continue reading

Mondays Finish the Story: Oh Oh

Mondays Finish the Story is a flash fiction challenge where  a new photo it provided each week, and the first sentence of a story. I’m to write a story the the sentence and… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneer: The Tracks

  It is said that some live on the wrong side of the tracks. Some say it’s greener on the other side. I don’t know about either. You see, my father owns the… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneer: Two Choices

Maloney bust into the house like a live volcano. “He’s flunking me,” she mightily screamed. “Says I’m the worse he’s ever heard.” The tears came flooding as if her entire life was over.… Continue reading

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