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I thought Changes, by Jim Butcher, of the Dresden Files, was the last of the series. I’ve read most of them twice and was settled that this was the last book I’d read… Continue reading

Windows of Your Novel

The Windows of a Novel Here is a quote from Preston Fuller’s Writing Blog Human Nature and Superpowers “A book is a lot like a window.

It’s in the Details

I read Paul Morningstar’s review of “Warbreaker” by Brandon Sanderson. Paul liked it, but didn’t. His review intrigued me so I downloaded the book and read the prologue. I thought I’d read a… Continue reading

Driving Force of Motivation

Plots are not so much what a character does as why a character does it. Motivation moves a character. Character moves the plot. In the TV series Revenge, Amanda Clarke’s motivation of revenge… Continue reading

Untrust Worthy Characters

It’s good to be honest and trust worthy. Lies and secrets causes unnecessary problems. But it also makes for boring plots. In the second book of Jim Butcher‘s Dresden Files, Full Moon, Kim… Continue reading

My New Favorite Author

Jim Butcher is my new favorite author. He almost wasn’t. Jim Butcher writes the Dresden files. Main character is Harry Dresden, a Chicago wizard detective who fights evil while protecting the innocent. I’m… Continue reading

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