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Kindle Amazon Countdown: Beginning of Pegasus Colony

Starting Dec. 16, you can buy the Kindle version of Pegasus Colony from Amazon’s Countdown for $0.99. The countdown runs until Dec. 23 when the novel will return to it’s original price of… Continue reading

Amazon Countdown: Pegasus Colony

Get ready! It’s coming! Amazon Giveaway for Pegasus Colony of People of Akiane Trilogy. Here is a summery of the trilogy: My name is Lieutenant Jessica M. Hewett and this is my story.… Continue reading

Pegasus Colony: the Beginning

CAPTAIN’S LOG   WSC EAGLE Captain Richard Fontner Year 2144, November 1 Folded space is a success. We have traveled faster than light. It only took twelve years to travel twenty-seven light-years to… Continue reading

Phyllis Moore’s Author Bio

M Phyllis Moore will take you on adventures to places you never thought of going. She will take you to places you didn’t know existed. Where are these places? In her imagination. She’s… Continue reading

Find a good book — Enjoy the adventure

Take a ride into the stars and visit Earth’s first galactic colony in the Pegasus Constellation. See what life is like on a world where winter lasts for six years and most of… Continue reading

KAI Presents… Phyllis Moore!

Kev’s Great Indie Authors is hosted by Kevin Cooper. He interviews indie authors and posts the interviews on his blog. Here is the one on me. ;0) Check his blog out to read… Continue reading

CAPTAIN’S LOG: Captain Faris Assetti

  Here is the third installment of my science fiction novel Pegasus Colony. It begins with Captain Richard Fontner’s Captain’s Log then Chapter 1 follows.   *** WSC Falcon Captain Faris Assetti On… Continue reading

Minnesota Weather Inspired My Novel

Where do authors get their ideas? Does a great master author hand them an idea on a silver platter? Is there a crystal ball they can consult? Do ideas come in a dream… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: I hate it

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” Jorg asked. “Beautiful?” I asked. “You’ve got to be kidding.” He looked at me as if I was the one who didn’t get it. “Look at it.” “It’s white,” I… Continue reading

Pegasus Colony: Ch 1

Chapter 1 Lieutenant Jessica Hewitt The New Assignment THREE HUNDRED sixteen years after Falcon, Eagle and Hawk launched … the year was 2447. I was never supposed to set foot on Akiane, nor… Continue reading

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