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November had a bit of a bump

I didn’t get to finish my version of November NaNoWriMo, writing every day for a month. I got a virus that slowed me down far longer than a normal cold and was sleeping… Continue reading

People of Akiane Trilogy is Finished

My trilogy is finished and published on all things Amazon. It’s already getting good ratings. Here is an excerpt, from the beginning of the first chapter of Jessica’s Mission. It was to be… Continue reading

Sunday Photo fiction: Instagram

Travis wanted to be a model. Billy wanted to be a professional photographer. Together, they decided to make a portfolio of photographs. They posted the photos on Instagram and went viral. Travis never… Continue reading

Sunday Photo Fiction: Don’t Tell Mom

They stood at the scenic overlook and surveyed the park. “Where’s the trail,” Sarah asked. Big brother, David answered. “The trail starts in the parking lot below us.” He pointed as he spoke.… Continue reading

Sunday Photo Challenge: How You Doin’

“I thought I knew all babes in the pond, but when I saw your shell glistening in the sun, I had to come and check you out.” Time passes . . . “Hank?”… Continue reading

Sunday Photo Fiction: Godzilla Bunny

“Ar, ar, ar.” “O my,” Mommy cried. “Who is this?” “Puff the Dinosaur,” Little Chester declared. “Is he like Puff the Dragon?” Mommy asked. “Does Puff the Dinosaur puff smoke?” “He puffs terror.”… Continue reading

Crimson’s Creative Challenge: Old Fence, Fresh Memories

“What are you doing?” “Getting ready to pull down the fence.” “What? Why?” “Grandma, you said to clean the backyard.” “Grandson, I meant mow the lawn and pull the weeds.” “What about the… Continue reading

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Gift of Friendship

This week Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is hosted by The Sandy Chronicles. The topic is Friendship. Where would our lives be without friends. Sadly poorer for the loss. I am blessed with many… Continue reading

Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Back of things

The week Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge is Back of things. I saw the back of this car as I was coming home one day. After I parked my car I walked… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: 452

This is Sunday Trees hosted by Becca Givens. This tree has fallen over and has become a great place to sit an sun oneself.  

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