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Crimson’s Creative Challenge: The Web

Crimson’s Creative Challenge posts a photo prompt each week to inspire our creativity. Here is my short story: “She did this? But why?” “A butterfly got caught in the web and the spider… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: The Briefcase

There’s his briefcase. Seems he’s always looking for that thing. It holds all his most valuable papers, such as his colored drawings of the strange creatures and characters he’s created. He talks about… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: 415

Sunday Trees is hosted by Becca Givens and is all about trees. Here is a sapling just starting its live watching over the St Crox, River.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Moving

This week Friendly Friday Photo Challenge topic is Moving. The theme ‘Moving’ might mean new beginnings – the end of one chapter in your life and the start of another. My entry is… Continue reading

Crimson’s Creative Challenge #50

I couldn’t believe it. I’d married royalty. A fine carriage, inlaid with gold and precious jewels, carried me through the gates into his estate. I was completely unaware when those gates closed I’d… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneer: Kermit the Frog

Jim found a worn-out, light-green, wool coat. After a few tries, he created his first puppet, Kermit the Frog. In an interview, Jim Henson said, he’d found an old green coat and from… Continue reading

Sunday Trees: 414

Sunday Trees is all about trees. Here is a little fella reminding everyone else it’s fall. Time to change colors.

Friday Fictioneer: Aliens

“I don’t want to go.” “Why not?” “Aliens.” “You have too much imagination.” “Those round thingies will beam me up. Aliens will eat me.” “Just you? Not me.” “You’re too gristly.” “I know… Continue reading

People of Akaine: Jessica’s Story

My name is Lieutenant Jessica M. Hewett and this is my story. I lived in an ideal world until my family was dramatically split apart after my mother left us. I became a… Continue reading

Friendly Friday Photo: Balconies

The topic for ‘Friendly Friday Photo Challenge’ this week is Balconies. It’s hosted by Amanda from Something to Ponder About, and Snow from The Snow Melts Somewhere.

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