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Pegasus Colony: the Beginning

CAPTAIN’S LOG   WSC EAGLE Captain Richard Fontner Year 2144, November 1 Folded space is a success. We have traveled faster than light. It only took twelve years to travel twenty-seven light-years to… Continue reading

KAI Presents… Phyllis Moore!

Kev’s Great Indie Authors is hosted by Kevin Cooper. He interviews indie authors and posts the interviews on his blog. Here is the one on me. ;0) Check his blog out to read… Continue reading

Minnesota Weather Inspired My Novel

Where do authors get their ideas? Does a great master author hand them an idea on a silver platter? Is there a crystal ball they can consult? Do ideas come in a dream… Continue reading

Back of My Car

There was a time in America, if someone said they were selling something out of the back of their car, they were most likely selling stolen goods. When I first publish my novel… Continue reading

My Novel is Almost Here

My goodness. I finally, finally, finally, have the proof of my book. It’s in pieces so I can check it out for anything that might be wrong, and of course there was. This… Continue reading

Friday Fictioneers: Home

“I wan’a go home.” “We just got here.” “It’s boring.” “We’re on a new adventure. We’ve never been here before.” “I’m cold.” “Button your coat.” “Don’t wan’a.” “Then be cold.” “Don’t make him… Continue reading

Blood & Roses

Persefonee, Episode 1.2 Book Series: Blood & Roses: A Sci-Fi Adventure Author: Rhys Christopher Ethan   Synopsis: Yv has escaped the deadly planet she was held at, but not without her scars. Zïn… Continue reading

Blood & Roses

A good blog buddy, Rhys Ethan is debuting a new novel. Last week I posted a short synopsis about his novel. Here is another teaser to peak your interest. About the Author Rhys… Continue reading

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