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Too Many Phyllis Moores

There are 500 Phyllis Moores on Facebook. We come in all kinds of sizes, creeds and colors. Sometimes I think it would be fun to invite all of them to a party and… Continue reading

Guest Blogger: Shawn P.B. Robinson – Part 1

I swore I never would self-publish. Far too much information and far too much trouble. Ah how things change with time. I now have two self-published novels and am working on two more… Continue reading

Getting There

I have a friend who is now my administrator. She is a God sent. I hate all the eminence detail that I haven encountered with putting my book online. She came over today… Continue reading

Published Author

Well, I’ve done it, as of Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014, I am a published author. And I have the photos to prove it. So far, I’m the only one with books. I’m happily… Continue reading

The Realities of Self-Publishing

I spent one entire day on the phone and filling out forms on the computer. OK, it wasn’t every second of the day, but it sure felt like it. I started the day… Continue reading

I Never Wanted to Self Publish

Technically it’s easier to self publish through Amazon, but if I’m going to do self publish, it’s in my nature not to take the easy road. I’m starting my own publishing company. Originally,… Continue reading

Novel Update

I promised to be back by now, but things have not worked out as planned. I’m not sure how I managed to do it, but I did finish all the rewrites and new… Continue reading

Phyllis Moore

On Wednesdays, I like to promote other bloggers. Today I’m promoting me. ;0) My name is Phyllis Moore and I just signed with North Star Press to publish my first novel The people… Continue reading

Should You Publish or Self-Publish?

Kerri Miller of the morning show, Daily Circuit, on Minnesota Public Radio is a lover of books and an avid reader. Kerri often interviews authors about life, writing and their latest publication. Here… Continue reading

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