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Sunday Photo Fiction: The Future

Don’t. Why? You know why. She’s dangerous. I can make up my own mind. Not if she gets her claws in you. She’ll tell you who, what, were, and when. She’ll plan your… Continue reading

Sunday Photo Fiction: Last Boat and Then Some

Sunday, mid-morning, and a boat filled with happy, but reluctant passengers motored out unto the ocean heading for the mainland. “Last boat to leave,” Sasha said with a tired sign. “End of tourist… Continue reading

Sunday Photo Fiction: The Blob

It sat on his mantle until the day Granddad died then it disappeared. “Priceless.” Was Granddad’s exact price. We thought it had been stolen. We called the police. They came, they searched, found… Continue reading

Sunday Photo Fiction: Greener Grass

I was bored. Bored, bored, mine numbingly, bored out of my mind. He promised adventure, back roads to small, quaint towns, interstates to large, exotic cities. I believed and I left with him.… Continue reading

Sunday Photo Fiction: The Parade

We’d arrive in New York City from the other side of the ocean. Our beta time was off and we were too excited to sleep. “Let’s check out that bridge,” my husband said,… Continue reading


I went to the beach to contemplate. Contemplate what, I don’t know. As far as I could tell there wasn’t much of my life to contemplate. I was a widow. My children were… Continue reading

Sunday Photo Fiction: The Storm

There’s an anchor in the middle of town. It came with the storm. Or rather, it appeared after the storm to pass over Aghalor. It was all that was left of the merchant… Continue reading

Sunday Photo Fiction: Life’s Perspective

It had been a bad few years. The fairytale marriage was a myth. His perfect boss had retired, only to be replaced with an overbearing, juvenile manager. As he sat at his home… Continue reading

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