The Destiny Series

It takes more than a village to Make a God. It takes a Destiny.

The Destiny Series is a set of standalone novellas (short novels) where one small event has a major influence on the destiny of a world.

During 4,000 years of history, the gods stay the same, but mortal characters change.

The series is set in two different worlds, Earth and Tuglor, specifically the land of Aghular. Books cross between worlds and timelines, they do not need to be read in order. All together they will provide the big picture, The Making of a God.

The Ancient One is half god-half human. He has been given a prophecy to find the savoir of his land, Aghular. But the savior is to come from a different world. A world the Ancient One does not know how to find. If he does not find it, he cannot find the savior, and he cannot save his homeland.

The God Making of a God begins with twin goddesses, Maja and La Inyan. When they Come of Age they take possession of and battle for control for the land Aghular. The battle soon includes a young male, Ekim, who is not yet old enough to be a god. His relationship with the twins will determine the kind of god he will become.

War of the Gods will determine who will sit on the Throne of Heaven for all time. Peace will come only if goodness wins. If evil sits on the throne, Aghular, Tuglor, and Heaven will forever be at war.

First Book is: My Haunted Bed & Breakfast

Charlie died. Eleanor Rune’s life as she knew it came to an end.

She never expected to be rescued by a haunted house.

Reviews from fans:

“This book was very well written. The characters have individual personalities and quirks. You can “hear” them speaking as you read. The way Phyllis writes is so visual, you are right there with every happening. This was such a quick and easy read. There is more to the story than you think there will be. I can’t wait until the next one comes out!”

The Good Life (Name not given)

“This was a delightful, fun read for a summer afternoon. For my tastes, this was great. It was full of friendly ghosts, light-hearted shenanigans, magic spells, and even a comical dragon. My favorite scene was when a basket of laundry went dancing down the street.”

Nadia Giordana

My Haunted Bed & Breakfast is now available on Amazon read the first few pages for free or read in on Amazon Prime for books.


Watch for the next books in The Destiny Series:

From Out of the Darkness Steps a God

Naw steps out of darkness. He creates light and the First Gods of Aghular, but gods are not perfect.

Naw steps into  a different kind of darkness and sets in motion the War of the Gods.

When gods bicker, mortals suffer.


Heroes, Wizards, and Portals

The Miller brothers are young, adventurous and looking for an afternoon of fun when they find a portal into a new world. Heroes at heart, the brothers endeavor to save a village besieged by a necromancer. But first they must overcome their sibling rivalry.

The necromancer, Theodore Epperson, desires to become the greatest wizard of all time, but Earth magic is weak. He seeks a new land where magic flourishes. But his untrained talent is warped by the power of the new world. Theodore is no longer in control, but has become enslaved by his own magic. His only hope is to be rescued by the Miller brothers, but they are determined to destroy him.

 * * *

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