Keeping On

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve not been interested in writing, not on this blog or my novel. Actually, I’ve not been interested in much of anything, not painting or biking.

My book I could understand, but I like blogging, reading other people’s blogs, and leaving comments. (though I’ve learn my comments are going into spam. I don’t know why.)

The novel is another thing. I’ve been working on it for the last 150 years, OK may be only 65 years, but still it’s been along time. It seems like forever.

I wrote a post on Rewrites and how all one seems to do is rewrite. I failed to mention how tedious, and old, rewrites can be.

I’m not sure when I really started this particular story. I’ve rewritten it several times. The last time, I had 135,000 words. As you know, a novel is only 80,000 words. I considered turning it into a trilogy. I even broke it up in to three books and worked on that for a while, but I found I didn’t care, stopped working on it and started a fantasy, Topaz – Jewel of Desire.

Then my friend John can along side and encouraged me to start over and finish.

It is said, writing is a lonely job, but it’s friends and writer groups that truly make a writer great.

So I started over and got myself organized, got the story organized. My new plan is to contain the novel within 80,000 words. I now have 29 chapters revised and completed. I’ve illuminated ten chapters from when I wrote the first book of the trilogy. But I am at 53,000 words, and I’m only half way through the story. I fear I may not meet my goal of a mere 80,000 words.

Anyway, I haven’t been interested in working on it. I thought I’d come back to the place of giving up and moving on again. I’m not really a quitter. I put things on the shelf and think about them until I know what to do with them. Then I finish.

But no. On Thursday, I figure out the problem. I had a lingering cold.

Several weeks ago, I was sick. After work, all I wanted to do was sleep. After about two weeks, I thought I was over it, but on Thursday, I woke with a sore throat. The cold had not really gone away.

So I shut down, I did go to work Thursday and Friday, but I did nothing both nights and cancelled all weekend activities. I’ve mostly laid low, did a little kitchen cleaning, watch TV, and worked on my novel for a bit.

To my surprise, I woke Monday with a bad cough. I should have had all the fun I wanted, then woke up too sick to go to work. But no, I felt fine so my cough and I carried on.

I hate being sick. It’s such a nuisance. At the end of the day I was hacking away. I stopped at Walgreen’s to ask the pharmacists for help. I don’t know why I didn’t do that earlier in the day. It would have save my throat from unnecessary abuse.

I think, I hope, I’m on the mend. The coughing is almost gone. But I could do with more rest.

Still, I’m posting today and am planning to get back to my novel. My goal is to finish it by this summer and return to Topaz.

The novel is science fiction set on a far away planet called Akiane. I’ve not come up with a title that I like. I’ve tried Akiane’s Mysteries or Mysteries of an Alien Planet. The title is undecided.

Story Sketch: After the tragic death of her father, Jess Hewitt wants to get away from everything and find some place quiet where she can pull herself together. She joins the space program thinking a twenty-light-year trek is what she needs. Unfortunately, she becomes the liaison to Earth’s first galactic colony where she will either bring peace between two worlds, light-years apart, or be responsible for Earth’s first Galactic Military Takeover.

To gain the trust of the colonists, Jess must go on a religious walkabout where she will learn the truth about herself and unravel the mystery of the people who desperately want to keep a devastating secret from coming to light.