…Authoress Phyllis Moore… here’s a lady with her own great story…

Seumas the Humorous has posted another interview about me. After you’ve read it, check out his blog and his books. You’ll find some more interesting reading.

You can read more Interviews about me provided by those who promote Indie Authors.

Seumas Gallacher

…here’s a smashing piece from a special pal, Authoress, Phyllis Moore… she writes great stories …and her own story is also worth reading…enjoy…


I’m a full Time Indie Author

I’m going to start with a short story that I wrote:

Grandma’s 90th birthday was supposed to be a surprise. Almost ninety children, grand children, and great-grand children were in attendance from around the world.

Just before she was to cut the cake, the overhead plate glass window suddenly shattered.

Teddy was home on leave and had come to declare his love. Even though he was not invited to the party, he was determined to make his feelings known in such a way that his love could not be denied.

He parachuted out of a plane, dropped through the plate glass, disconnected himself from the parachute, pulled out the engagement ring, and called, “Lorelei.”

He looked around expectantly. She did not…

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