Sunday Photo Fictioneer: Jenny



This week’s Sunday Photo Fictioneer didn’t inspire me, but I have a story for you anyway.


The Mural(s)

Jenny was five when I caught her drawing on the walls. I made her clean the wall then I warned her, “Don’t let me catch you drawing on the walls again.”

Never found another drawing. I thought Jenny had learned her lesson.

Some years later, it was time to update the Goodwill couch and buy a new one. That’s when I discovered the mural behind the couch.

I never said, “Don’t draw on the wall.”

I said, “Don’t let me catch you …” Well she didn’t.

In the secret place behind the couch, Jenny drew houses, trees, our family, dogs, suns and stars until she ran out of room. Not one line was peaked from behind the couch.

Of course, Jenny didn’t use washable colors. No! She used magic markers, waxy canyons and ink pens.

I painted the walls to compliment the new couch.

Then I specifically, told Jenny, “Never draw on the walls, ever.”

She looked at me and I knew there were other murals hiding throughout the house.

Now the question was, did I want to find them?

The End


The idea of Sunday Photo Fiction is to create a story / poem or something using around about 200 words with the photo as a guide.

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