My Travel Logs: One Park at a Time

“My Travel Logs: One Park at a Time.” That’s a joke in reference to Lisa Dorenfest‘s travels: One Ocean At A Time.

Lisa is traveling around the world by sail boat. Her last post is about Kolmanskuppe, a diamond boom town, now a tourist ghost town, in the deserts of southern Namibia, Africa.

I’ve been sick for a long time and have been stuck at home. I’m doing much better now and have been out and about with friends.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to be a world traveler, though it is a dream of mine. For now, I have to settle for the parks near me.

I’m not one to visit the same place every time. There are too many interesting parks to explore. In the last few weeks, as spring is settling in, I’ve been to three parks.

As I was reading Lisa’s last blog, I thought it might be fun to post about adventures as if I’m on a world tour. I too can tell of my feelings and history of the places I visit.

The only difference is, Lisa speaks the truth. I am a storyteller. It will be up to you to decide how truthful my adventures are.