One Park at a Time: Loins Park

One Park at a Time was inspired by One Ocean at a Time, which is now an award winner for the BEST TRAVEL BLOG ANNUAL BLOGGERS BASH 2019

Lisa Dorenfest is sailing around the world. The places she goes are far more interesting than the parks I’ve visited.

Every city park pretty much looks the same. There are trees, paved paths, some kind of water, and maybe a bridge.

There are thousands of city, regional, and county parks. There can be a million people at the park on any given day, but at most parks, there are only a handful of people. Although there are a few city parks that do become truly crowed.

The city and the state are filled with bike paths. One can travel on those paths, to Canada or South Dakota, and very rarely have to get off and share the road with cars.

Most parks let out onto neighborhood trails and those trails connect with other trails that go for miles.

Sometimes there are reminders that I’m still in the city.

But most times I get the feeling that I’m in the wilds of Minnesota.

But the best part about parks are the friends. No matter where one of my friend lives, there is a park nearby. And someone is always willing to go for a walk or a ride.

It’s a good excuse to get out. It’s too easy for me to just bike in my immediate area. I could step outside, get on my bike and go until I find the state boarder. I’ve never biked that far.

It would be fun to bring my wallet and ride for days. There are plenty of places in the city, or small towns along the way, to visit, eat, and spend the night.

I could camp, but why? I like a good bed and cable TV.  ;0)