Marketing Countdown

Pegasus Colony was my first science fiction novel. I self-published it in 2014, the second book in 2016, the third book was supposed to be published in 2018.

I didn’t have the energy to finish it because I was recovering from Adrenal Fatigue.

Most importantly, I didn’t have the energy to market my books. Just thinking about it made me tired. And I mean that literally.

It’s nice to finally have the energy to write and market.

My first major marketing attempt is with Amazon Countdown.

I’m starting with Pegasus Colony.

Countdown starts on December 16 and runs until December 23. 

Pegasus Colony tells of the arrival of Earth colonists on a planet in the Pegasus Constellation and their survival on an ice world.

All attempts to contact the colony failed. It was thought they had died.

Lieutenant Jessica M. Hewitt arrives 300 years later. It’s her job to reunite the two worlds, but her attempts to reach out to the colonists are also failing.

You can go to my Amazon page and read the first few pages of the beginning of the book.