Why I hate reading………

There are so many good books out there and there’s not enough of me to read all of them.


I thought to stop here. I know you’d understand, you have your own list, but like you, I have a blog and like to express my self. So…


My sister-in-law introduced me to a couple of new authors, one of which is Carolyn Haines of the Sarah Boot Delaney Mysteries.

I haven’t finished the Harry Dresden series because I keep interrupting it with something else.

I listen to NPR. They always have a long list. Such as: Collegia Magica, The Spirit Lens. Or Larry Millett has a new novel, The Magic Bullet. He was inspired by John Dickson Carr. Yes, I want to check him out.

Of course there are how many fantasy and science fiction novels? I’d like to read more of the John Carter series. Did you know Wikipedia has a list of science fiction and a list fantasy authors? I’ll never run out.

I often find new authors at the library, like Tasha Alexander of And Only to Deceive.

I’ve found good books recommended by your reviews, like Impact by Douglas Preston.

Then there are your interesting blogs and the books you’re writing.

And the list goes on. I no sooner settle in to read one thing when something else comes up that I have to get – the list gets longer.

I’m dangerous in a book store. I went on vacation with some friends awhile back. We stayed in a cabin in the woods. I bought $50 worth of books just in case I had time to read. I bought a book at some little country grocery store. I don’t remember if I read all of the others, but I did read the one from the country store. It was the first of the Dragonlance Series.

All this reading wouldn’t be a problem if I could read a book a day. Unfortunately, my life doesn’t allow for that. So I guess my compliant isn’t that I hat reading; I hate not having enough time to read.

I know you understand.

What do you want to read, but haven’t gotten to yet?