Storybook Corner: A Mother’s Love

My fingers were a little too long and slender, as were my feet. The color of my skin was unlike any 004had seen before. Little whips of silver hair seemed to float about my head. My ears and eyes were oddly shaped. Some said I was a daemon. Even if I was, a mother’s love over looks such things.

In fact, I was the product of love by two who were never meant to be together.

I lost my mother soon after my birth. My father could not have a human child if he was to fulfill his destiny to become the Speaker of the Elves.

I was hidden away to be raised by the Great Wizard of the land. It was my destiny to become a great and power female wizard.

All of us are a vital part of the war between elves and humans and the war between the gods. One day we shall be among those who bring peace between mortals and gods, and bring healing to the land.

This is only possible because of the love my mother had for my father and for me.

The end

This is from a series I’m working on, The Making of a God.


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