Snow White is a Warrior

Nobody knows who, what, where, or how fairy tales got started, but they have been around seemingly since the beginning of time, and they have been told all around the world.

The plots and characters stay the same, but the details differ from once country to another. The telling of the story changes according to the author’s point of view of right and wrong, and the culture in which the story is told. In some cases characters like Snow White evolve.

The Grim brothers, Wilhelm and Jacob, were fascinated with local folklore. They collected some 200 stories in an effort to preserve them and published their first book of fairytales in 1812.

Originally fairytales were not happy stories written for children. They were written for adults and were often about abuse, as in Snow White’s case.

Snow White’s Queen Mother was jealous of her relationship with her father. At one point, the mother tries to run her daughter down with her carriage.

The Grimm brothers’ point of view of what is right and wrong did not coincide with the idea of an evil mother. They rewrote the story so the mother was kind and loving. But she must die so the father can marry a beautiful, but cruel, cold hearted stepmother.

To intensify the story, the stepmother kills the king and takes control of the kingdom. She becomes jealous of Snow White’s beauty and orders her huntsman to kill the girl. He is supposed to cut out her lungs and liver, so the Evil Queen can cook and eat them in the hopes of capturing Snow White’s beauty.

The huntsman is unable to kill the child and sets her free. Snow White moves in with seven dwarfs. They say if she cooks and cleans, she can stay with them as long as she wants.

When Disney produced the cartoon in 1937, Snow White no longer just cooks and cleans. Now she can also sing and dance.

In all fair tale versions, Snow White is naïve and innocent. The dwarfs tell her never to talk to strangers or let them in the house. But she is too kind and trusting. She lets the queen, disguised as an old hag, into her cottage and accepts the poisonous apple. The young princess falls into a deep sleep.

After she is awakened by true love’s kiss, Snow White and Prince Charming ride together, on his horse, into the sunset and live happily ever after.

For her whole life, Snow White always hadjm someone to provide for her. She was pampered while living in the castle. The dwarfs gave her a home and provided for her. Prince Charming takes her to his castle where she will again be pampered.

She has never been on her own and no one teaches her how to care for herself. She has no life experience.

Snow White reflects the culture in which her story is told and where it was thought that a woman was incapable of holding a serious thought in her head. She was incapable of taking care of herself. It was best to keep her at home for her protection.

A woman was expected to get married, have children, cook and clean. The man of the house provided for her. If she did have a job, she was a secretary, librarian, schoolteacher or nurse.

As we know, a good number of women did not comply and because of them, cultures changed.

Today, women are literally warriors. They’re in the military, police and fire department; they are mechanics and construction workers; they are in all levels of management and are CEO’s of multi billion dollar companies; they are in all levels of government and proudly run for president.

A-stay-at-home mom is a valid profession, as is being a secretary, librarian, schoolteacher, or nurse. But today a woman chooses her profession. She is no longer force to do what’s expected of her.

In 2012, Hollywood produced two movies, Mirror, Mirrow and Snow White and The Huntsman, and one TV show, Once Upon A Time. All three were about Snow White.

She no longer cooks and cleans; or sings and dances. She doesn’t immediately go to live with the dwarfs. She’s taught how to shoot a bow and arrow and how to live in the forest. She can kill, skin, gut, and cook her own food. Snow White is self-sufficient.

She’s taught how to fight with a sword and dagger. Snow White can defend herself.

She’s no longer a victim waiting for Prince Charming to rescue her. Snow White is a warrior. She mounds her own horse. She and the prince together lead an army to take back her castle from the Evil Queen.

It’s Show White who confronts the queen, not her prince. After which Snow White and Prince Charming live happily ever after.

No matter how fairy tales change over the years, or who the author is or which culture it reflects, one thing never changes, fairy tales always end in happily ever after.


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