My Fictional Female Characters

While writing about strong women, I thought about a few of my female characters in a fantasy novel I’ve started, called Jewel of Desire. Right now, it’s sitting on the shelf until I finish my sc novel. You can read a more detail of each character by clicking on their names.

In the fantasy, the witch Tamerad hates men. She’s been betrayed one too many times. She desires to create a kingdom where witches reign and men are servants.

I realize she’s like Emily and Victoria of Revenge. Her goal is her obsession and her obsession possesses her. She’s controlled by the desire to take over the kingdom and be queen. She lies and manipulates to get what she wants. She is so obsessed she is weakened by who she trusts.

She receives a vision, which she does not question, but follows wholeheartedly. The vision leads her to a new land where it appears she will become queen; her dream will be fulfilled. But she misinterprets the vision and puts her trust in the wrong people, which could mean her live.

Karth is the one man she should trust and who could make her queen. He makes several attempts to tell her the truth and protect her from evil, but she won’t listen.

To her surprise, Tamerad’s ideal, the witch Sidrea, comes to the kingdom.

Sidrea is one of the most powerful witches who’s ever lived. She’s over 100 years old and is obsessed with regaining her eternal youth.

She lost her youth when she cast a spell of revenge. The spell was so strong it sucked life and magic from her. She is an ancient woman and can only do the simplest of spells. She has waited decades, but finally, the old king has died and it is time for her to return for the final piece of her revenge and regain her youth.

Sidrea is not possessed with her goal. Like the queen in Once Upon A Time, Sidrea is born evil. She is unconcerned with who must suffer, or die, as long as she achieves her goal. She is the only important one; all others exist to serve her.

The handmaid Haajiyo is like Emma. She is not so obsessed that she loses her focus. At one time Haajiyo wanted to be a witch, but now that she understands the cost and the evil, her goals have changed. Now she fights for the protection of her kingdom.

These are all elements of my characters I’d not thought of before I wrote about strong women characters. When I get back to my fantasy, I’ll incorporate these traits into my characters.

I must thank JacInthebox for the post that started this series of posts. I’m not sure I would have made the connection if I’d not written about it. She also has been inspired to continue the thread that started this thread of posts. Check out her blog.

Thanks Jackie. ;0)