Bearer of Trust

I’m behind on my posting. This cold has taken up a lot of my energy. I feel as if I have lost all of January and now it’s lingering into February.

I had hoped to see The Hobbit in 3D, but it’s gone. I’ll have to settle for 2D.

I wanted to go to the Mall of America and see an ice castle that spans two acres and is 40 feet high. It’s been cold here hovering between just above to just below zero. Great weather for an ice castle. I fear by the time I have the energy to get there, it will be in the 30’s and the castle will be melting. And when it starts to melt, the castle come down.

At this rate, I’ll miss all of winter.

When I was home sick, in between naps, I got on my blog, but now that I’m back at work, I come home, eat and crash. So I don’t have a Wednesday promotion.

Today, I’m giving an update on my new novel Bearer of Trust.

If you’d been following, you know this is the first time I’ve decided to work from an outline. I usually write until I find the story and then have to go back and fix stuff.

Ex ample: I want little fairies to have a large roll at the end of the story. In the past, I’d have written the story then at the end decided I needed fairies then I’d have to go pack and add them in. This time around, I added index cards to where I wanted to add the fairies. That way the fairies will be there when I start writing, so much easier.

I had hoped to have the first few chapters finished by now, but because of this cold I’m very behind on getting started. I only have 24 pages so far. Such is life.

Still the delay may be a good thing. As I’ve been waiting to get well, I have been thinking about my novel. I have had time to think about things, like fairies, and other story development.

My wall of index has grown. It is 12 feet long and 3 feet high. Each color represents either a character or a theme. I’ve not added a new card in a few days.. I think I have the full story.

Originally, I thought I’d use the cards to write an outline. Now I think I won’t bother. I’m going to work from the wall. As I write, I’ll take cards down. So far nothing has come down.

If only I had the energy to get started.

Wall of Index