One Park at a Time: Community Park

Rice Creek travels 28 miles from Rice Creek Lake to the Mississippi River. The creek passes through a few neighborhoods, several parks, through a small lake, under five major roads and one interstate, before it becomes Rice Creek West Regional Trail Corridor.


There are paths on both sides of the creek, one side is paved, the other is dirt.

There are several side paths through the park, some lead to the creek, some run along the creek.

This is a community park with a play area for children,

a pavilion for parties,

and a dog park.

Unfortunately, parks are not protected from progress. 


This used to be a community garden. Now it’s a storage area for road construction.

There used to be a community soccer park. It’s gone because of construction for a new housing project.

The path used to continue to the Mississippi River. For now the bike path comes to an end, but it will return. It’s new route runs along side the town homes.

Community parks are important. They’re not just fun, they’re a great place to meet people with similar interests and make new friends.

I don’t know if the garden and soccer park are permanently gone, or if they will return next year once construction is finished. I hope they do. 

I’ve seen too much of nature fall to progress. I know progress is important, but so is nature. I believe nature must come first. It’s good for our physical health and emotional well being. 

The state of Minnesota has protected more nature than it has built over it. Most people live within walking distance to a park. 

Minneapolis is second to Portland, Organ in city bike paths. There are paths from Minneapolis to South Dakota, paths from St Paul to Canada and more paths south of the cities. 

It’s why I can post about “One Park at a Time” and not run out of parks.

My suggestion—find a park to enjoy.